Effective presentations through audio visuals tools

Published: 17th December 2009
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Nowadays most teachers deliver effective presentations involving visual aids. The capability to make effective presentations is a central part for most teachers. Effective presentations have simple, clear and target messages. It should communicate the information to students in a right manner so that they can learn easily and retain it for longer time. Effective presentations are also defined by high-quality audio visual multimedia educational content. The multimedia content for teaching should be relevant to the student and should meet their objectives. The multimedia content should contain only the key points of subjects, relevant animations; images etc.The should not contain unnecessary information to avoid any confusion and miscommunication.

There are many ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and audio visuals tools such as Interactive Whiteboards, visualisers, projectors, digital signage, response system for making effective presentations. Interactive Whiteboards are used in place of traditional whiteboards in the classroom making effective presentations. They have lots of presentation tools such as annotation, spotlight, wrapscreen, record etc. Teacher can save his notes in the PC and that can be shared among students.Visualisers are effective presentations tool used in classroom which can show any text ,2D or 3D object in detailed view to the whole class. They enhance the lessons and makes effective presentations for students creating a better learning environment. Projectors display multimedia, power point files, animation, motion video and other interactive contents to their students with bigger image of laptop screen. Effective presentations increase the willingness to read and improve retention. Teacher should incorporate various ICT tools to enhance their presentations.

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