ICT (Information and Communication technology) in Presentation ideas

Published: 17th December 2009
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The development of ICT (Information and communication technology) in education has enhances the presentation ideas of teachers. Every teacher needs to express his ideas about the subject in front of their students. The achievement and understanding of students depends on teachers with innovative presentation ideas. They must have good presentation ideas for an efficient learning environment. They must use various ICT (Information and Communication technology) solutions such as Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors, visualisers, digital signage, response system etc to boost their presentation ideas. One of the most essential presentation ideas of teachers is to create interactive multimedia educational resources applicable to the subject. The content should not have any information that is immaterial and unclear. The multimedia resources are the heart of lessons. They contain interactive audio visuals. A teacher with good presentation ideas attracts student interest in the class. Utilizing visuals is the most important Presentation ideas that a teacher can learn. Students learn and retain information more through visuals than spoken words. Interactive Whiteboards are used in place of traditional whiteboards in the classroom. They have loads of presentation tools such as annotation, spotlight, wrapscreen, record etc. Visualisers are powerful presentations tool used in lessons which can show any text, 2D or 3D object in detailed view to the whole class. They enhance the lessons and makes effective presentations for students creating a better learning environment. Projectors display multimedia, power point files, animation, video and other contents of computer to their students with bigger image on Interactive whiteboards. A good presentation increases the eagerness to read and improve retention. Teacher must include various ICT tools to enhance their presentation ideas.

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